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Bendable Body Stretching

I have been certified by John Kelly and Sita Hagenburg who developed Bendable Body Stretching based off the fundamentals of Bob Cooley’s The Genius is Flexibility. These Bendable Body stretches can also be referred to as eccentric resistance stretches or actively loaded eccentric stretches.

These stretches are different from other stretch methods such static, passive, dynamic, active (like Yoga), isometrics and PNF stretching. These bendable body stretches focus on the FASCIA. Because this is a new way of stretching your brain needs a bit of rewiring! So let’s understand fascia.

Fascia is the sheath of connective tissue that forms beneath the skin to attach or enclose muscles and internal organs. The fascia interweaves and interpenetrates all organs, muscles and nerve fibers giving the body functional structure in an environment that allows all body systems to operate in an integrated manner. How important is our fascia!!!!!

There are other forms of manual fascial therapies such as Rolfing, myofascial release, fasciablaster and yoga practices geared to fascia BUT it’s YOU who makes eccentric resistant therapy different from these other forms. As YOU contract, resist and tense the targeted muscle groups the 2 forces work against each other to achieve great results.

This new form of Bendable Body stretching can reverse the aging process as it has a cumulative effect every time you do it as it removes the density in your fascia that causes your muscular and skeletal system to be comprised in so many ways.
These stretches are great for the grandmother who wants more flexibility to play with there grandkids to the elite athletes who want to improve there skills or for anyone who suffers from any level of pain in your body and joints.

Feel free to contact me for more info and private sessions or group class instruction. Create a better you now by stretching better and change your fascia!