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The Moreness in Me

The “Moreness in Me” Program is a Deliberate Way-of-Living which deals with transforming a meaningless, hollow, unsatisfying, purposeless, personal life without focus to one which transforms you into living Impeccably and Deliberately in ways which are Meaningful, Purposeful, Significant, and matter to you as an individual, to Live and be in a way which you can be proud of, and which brings out the Real-You, that you which deeply connects to the profound and meaningful, YOUR profound and meaningful.

This Program takes places over 8 to 12 weeks comprising of worksheets/modules and tasks and exercises. In addition there are at least One Live Interactive TakeAway Sessions each week on Zoom or In Person. These sessions are the heart of the Course, where the Moreness in Me is customized to you, the individual, and your particular circumstances, Way-of-Being, and Intended Path, according to YOUR inner core values and sensibilities.

The Moreness in Me means just that. We’ll be taking a deep look at your underlying Way-of-Living and build upon that as a foundation, extending, clarifying and making sure you have Usable and Valuable Tools-of-Being you can actually Apply and Use toward your goal of Living Impeccably and Deliberately.

We’ll make sure you have a full and detailed grasp and connection to all the specific Power-Terms and Concepts used, a fundamental and essential part of the course, resulting in lasting Life-Change. You’ll build your own Dictionary-of-Power.

There’s much to the underlying philosophy, and we’ll be making sure you have a cohesive and practical structure with which to Self-Leverage yourself into Living the way you’d like to Live. To Live in ways you deeply resonate with and where you don’t feel compromised, living a Life not only filled with Joy and Sobriety, Impeccability and Integrity, but also life which has Meaning, Purpose and Significance, without which, we have nothing.

Not only will you experience a massive shift in comprehension and perspective, but you’ll have a lasting basis for a Way-of-Living which deals with life-issues and is a framework for deeply Empowered Living, not the surface slap-on of a temporary band-aid, but a fundamental re-structuring of Core-Character, the foundation which really matters.

Participant Benefits and Value

– A deeper definition of the Moreness in Me

– Detailed Understandings of Key Concepts

– Making Sense of Life and the World and your Deep Self.

– An Overview Abstract Perspective of the Core Conceptions

– Defining a useable practical detailed power-filled Way-of-Living

– Connecting the A+ Philosophy and Way-of-Living to a more comprehensive Personalized structure

– Extending that structure into areas left untouched by typical living and societal norms-of-being

– Linking existing understandings of power Vocabulary to more comprehensive insights

– Creating a Dictionary of Power, which is much more potent than it sounds

– Providing a solid, usable, Practical and Valuable Framework for Living Impeccably

– Exciting

– Purposeful

– Meaningful for You

– Deep and Profound Value

– Life-Changing and Transformative

– Eye-Opening Insights, Discernments, Understandings

– Practical Usefulness by Bringing The More into Everyday Living

– Actual Real Tangible Results to Take-Home

– Extending & Impactful Self-Discovery

– A New View of Self and the World

– Significant Perspective-Shifts

– Take-Home Action-Lists

– Fun & Enjoyable

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