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Other Services

Chinese Meridian Therapy

There exists a connection between the meridians described in Chinese Acupuncture and Reflexology. The nexus was the concept of energy channels that are related to the practices of reflexology and acupuncture. Both act on the premise that this vital energy, considered the foundation of health, traverses the body in exact and orderly patterns. Both practices assert that disease is caused by blockage within these energy channel which are called meridians in Eastern Medicine. Your therapy will assess the condition of your Chinese meridians.


Reiki is a Japanese word (pronounced RAY key) meaning Universal Life Energy. In Reiki therapy this energy is gently channeled through the therapists hands, enabling the client to relax deeply and facilitating healing wherever it is needed.

Voice Dialogue

This method was developed to explore the parts of our Selves (also known as subpersonalities). The facilitator helps the client become more aware of these different selves within us along with their polar opposites (example: The rule follower and its opposite -the rebel). The facilitator helps us become aware of and experience this self by conversing with it in 1st person. Learning to use and honoring all of your subpersonalities in a conscious way through the development of your Aware Ego (neutral) so that no particular self runs your life and you can experience a more balanced life.

Indian Head Massage

This is a relaxing treatment, as the name suggests, concentrates on massaging the head. Head, scalp and shoulder massage can be used along side simple meditative techniques to provide a simple and effective way to relax.

Ear Candling

Ear Candling, an ancient technique, works though the simple laws of science by creating a vacuum in the ear which draws out wax and toxins. This is a gentle technique that is a natural, complimentary cleansing therapy. Ear candling can be especially effective when cleaning from symptoms associated with the eyes, ears, nose and throat.

Vector/Axis Integration and Alignment

A body balancing modality in which the practitioner can visualize the client’s vector system. By manually positioning the body into the vector axis system seen, the practitioner can allow the body to then reposition itself into a neutral position thereby balancing and alleviating various conditions in the body.

Chakra Balancing

At times our one or more of our seven Chakras (vibrational energy centers in our body) become unbalanced due to physical or emotional trauma. The practitioner can balance the Chakras by placing the hands over that particular energy center and adjusting the vibrational level as needed.

Healthy Healing Boundaries

Healthy healing boundaries are critical in all aspects of our lives, emotionally, physically and spiritually to lead a full and balanced life. I will teach you a technique to keep all that negative drama out by building healthy boundaries for yourself. This technique is simple and effective and will will help everyone no matter what your position is in your life as a mother, doctor, teacher, sister, brother, parent, business owner, employee or a student etc. We all need healthy healing boundaries!

Fitness Coach

I have been certified by ISSA to become a Fitness Coach which permits me to be a Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach. I am thrilled to be able to add this dimension of helping others be their best self. I am a co-founder of B.A.M. Methodology with Jocelyn Weber of Paris, France. We are both passionately committed to helping others break their own personal barriers in their Mind and Body so they can live their life full vitality. Breathwork, Awareness and Movement are our core principals that can include diet, nutrition, strength training, HIIT, postural training, resistance stretching, martial arts, qigong, mindset skills and much more. We build custom workouts for your personal needs. We have options for everyone…. FB challenges, E-Training and 1:1 personal training. Contact us for a free assessment on a zoom call and we can discuss your personal concerns.